The Párisi Passage Kitchen is in Good Hands

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"The Párisi Passage Kitchen is in Good Hands"

We were recently graced with a visit by Dining Guide, below is a summary of their impression on our new menu: 


“Párisi Passage is in full operation and momentum, not only is it waiting to welcome you day and night, but their new team and specialty baker is developing a bold breakfast concept with sweet and savory baked goods, and a wide range of breakfasts. Although Executive Chef Lajos Lutz was not in a position to develop a hotel of this caliber, the 51-year-old highly experienced chef, took on the challenge with youthful energy, Lajos Lutz has now mastered hospitality even during this crisis, representing his generation of chefs with sincere respect for his profession” 


You can read the article here.



We were also honored by Budapest Gastro’s visit, who also left our restaurant satisfied. 


“I tasted the tomato fondue and my entire childhood greeted me back through the seasoning. You can directly feel that one of the profession’s masters is the lord of this restaurant... I tried the Párisi Cube and was delighted to taste the bitterness of the coffee ice-cream harmonizing with the sweetness of the dessert. It is one of the most beautifully served desserts I have seen, not flashy, but still dominant in both taste and appearance.”


You can read the article here.



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