Summer Finale at Párisi Passage

Párisi Passage

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Summer Finale at Párisi Passage

Aloha!  We’ve had a splendid summer together travelling from Miami to Saint-Tropez, to celebrate the good times we’ve shared we’re ending our sunny season in Hawaii! Eternalise Summer 2020 and bid farewell to Kau (summer) by celebrating on these tropical islands!  

Summer Finale at Párisi Passage

We’re evoking the suns golden aura, fragrant island breezes, soft sandy beaches, the pacific ocean’s glistening waters and the vibrant hues of Hawaii on Saturday the 29th of August at Párisi Passage Café & Brasserie! Follow the waves and the ukulele strums, transcend to ‘90s Hawaii, enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and dance the Hula dance 'Mai Tai' in hand. 

Bringing the isle’s most sensational flavours, the summer’s best hits and all your favourite cocktail concoctions from Hawaii.

- Cajun Fried Chicken, Crunchy Romaine - Lettuce and Grilled Mushrooms  2590Ft
- Grilled Avocado and Eggs topped with Sweet Pepper Sauce  2290Ft
-Coconut Milk Soup with Grilled Prawns and Fried Bananas  2290Ft


Main Courses 
- BBQ Chicken Wings with Sweet Potato Fries  3290Ft
- Pork, slow-cooked in banana leaves with Basmati Rice (Kalua)  3290Ft
- Rib Eye Steak and Crunchy Corn topped with Pineapple Salsa   7990Ft
- Passionfruit Marinated Tuna with Tomatoes   6990Ft


- Coconut Panna Cotta with Mango Sauce  1490Ft
- Grilled Pineapples with Orange Sorbet   1490Ft
- Baba au Rhum   1490Ft


This event is free, however, reservations are strongly recommended, please e-mail, click on the ‘Reservation’ menu or call +36 70 702 4088. Offer is not available for takeaway.

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