Gin Workshop at Parisi Udvar

Párisi Passage


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Gin Workshop at Parisi Udvar

Rediscover the world of gin here at the Budapest Salon of Párisi Udvar! Come and join us as we elevate and develop our gin palates in this richly immersive experience.


Gin Workshop at Parisi Udvar

Let our mixologists and inventive bartenders educate you on this spirit, and come out of this workshop a gin professional! Experience the three different kinds of botanicals that we offer, followed by a long drink of our premium gin and tonic that is awaiting to fill your glass.


You can taste the following throughout our workshop: D1 London Gin, Bols Genever, Hendrick's. Then you may try a fruity and a spicy gin and tonic as part of our package.


Sit back, take a sip, and soak in the afterglow of this beautiful juniper spirit!


Enjoy sipping on three glasses of this spirit, two of our signature gin and tonics, and unlimited soft drinks at this workshop! Additional drinks will also be available for an extra charge.  


Our Executive Chef, Lajos Lutz, and his team prepared the finest delicacies for this evening. Choose a selection of cold and warm bites with a dessert – it’s all part of the package.


See what we’ve cooked up for you:


Cold bites:

• Matured venison ham, black mustard seeds, horseradish green apple

• Tuna, mango salsa

• Duck liver mousse, seasonal fruit compote

• Beef tartare, pickled ginger, sesame seeds, tapioca crisps

• Mozzarella, tomatoes


Warm bites:

• Pressed pork, roasted peppers, pickles, seed buns

• Spring rolls

• Chicken gyoza, shimeji mushroom, pickled ginger, green onions, cashew

• Grilled garlic shrimp, homemade bread, cherry tomato ragout, chili, lemon

• Melted goat cheese, pickled watermelon, roasted chanterelles



• Hungarian chocolate sponge cake

• Eszterházy slice

• Dobos cake

• Raspberry choux

• Macaron


Price of the package: 19.990 HUF More about the venue:


This price does not contain the 13% service charge and has to be paid in advance. It is an exclusive event with a limited capacity; thus, reservations need to be made in advance. To attend the champagne breakfast, please email


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